Affordable Websites for Nonprofits

Affordable Web Development

The NonprofitOffice Value Proposition 

Our value-based pricing makes NonprofitOffice an effective, affordable solution for nonprofit organizations, small and large alike. With NonprofitOffice, you don't pay for a bunch of pricey features you don’t want or need. Our solution provides all the core features used by most nonprofit organizations and enables you to add more specialized features as needed. In short, we’re easier to use, more affordable, and offer the features to fit tight nonprofit budgets.  

What's value-based pricing? Your key expenses are related to the size or your organization, for example if you have 1 to 5 full-time staff, you pay much less than an organization that has over 20 full-time staff. This makes sense!

Powerful, Yet Affordable

NonprofitOffice delivers the solution you need with a whole lot less hassle and expense, including:
  • Custom, professional graphic design 
  • Flexible Content Management, with unlimited sections and subsections 
  • Free mobile version of your website
  • Robust online forms system for sign-ups, surveys, comment forms, polls, and more 
  • Audio and video files integration 
  • Calendars, News, Image galleries  
  • Security system enabling multiple users with varying levels of editing permissions to update the website
  • See more at NPO CMS Features

We also allow our clients to use any hosted third party solution as we understand that many organizations have special needs and we won't prohibit you from using special services.

We deliver the technology you need at a budget-friendly price. As nonprofits try to do more with less now more than ever, that’s the perfect win-win for you and the people you serve!